Potential Field Based Motion Planning with Steering Control and DYC for ADAS

Abstract: In this study, the development of motion planning and control for collision avoidance driver assistance systems is presented. A potential field approach has been used in formulating the collisionavoidance algorithm based on predicted vehicle motion. Then, to realize the advanced driver assistancesystems (ADAS) for collision avoidance, steering control system and direct yaw moment control (DYC) isdesigned to follow the desired vehicle motion. Performance evaluation is conducted in simulationenvironment in term of its performance in avoiding the obstacles. Simulation results show that the vehicle collision avoidance assistance systems can successfully complete the avoidance behavior without colliding.
Keywords: potential field, motion planning, steering control, DYC, ADAS
Author: Nurbaiti Wahid
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170073

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