Performance Evaluation Model of Park Based on Intelligent Algorithm

Abstract: Evaluation system of industrial park is a complex problem concerning multiple levels and multiple objectives and multiple evaluation indexes. Use all the evaluation indexes as input of neural network will result in complex structure of neural network affecting performance of quality evaluation stem of park. Propose a park performance evaluation method integrating intelligence algorithm and neural network. First, adopt analytic hierarchy process to sort evaluation index bodies in accordance with importance, and then screen out indexes with important effect on evaluation result as BP neural network input. Finally, adopt neural network to establish evaluation model. Take performance assessment of a logistics industrial park as example to conduct simulation experiment, which shows park performance evaluation method based on integrated intelligent algorithm and neural network not only simplifies structure of neural network but also improve accuracy and evaluation efficiency of performance and quality evaluation to be a feasible and effective method of performance evaluation.
Keywords: Performance evaluation; Industrial park; Index system; Intelligent algorithm; BP neural network
Author: Yang Yaliu, Zheng Xiaowei
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160109

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