Parametric Analysis of Wearable Vialess EBG Structures and Its Alication for Low Profile Antennas

Abstract: Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) structures are one class of metamaterial with attractive properties that unavailable in nature and widely used for improving the electromagnetic performance. Its In-phase reflection frequency band is indicated as operation frequency band, whose characteristic is closely related to the parameters of EBG structure, such as patch width (w), gap width (g), substrate height (h) and substrate permittivity (ε). The presence of via within EBG structure is associated with design and fabrication complexities, which led the researchers to study uniplanar EBG. These structures require no via and can easily be fabricated and integrated with RF and microwaves alication. Therefore, an investigation study on the effect of the parameters of the vialess EBG surface and some design guidelines have been obtained. An example of an antenna integrated with EBG is also studied. The result indicates that the EBG ground plane significantly improves the work efficiency of the antenna in a particular frequency band.
Keywords: AMC, EBG, Rflection phase, Electromagnatic BandGap
Author: Adel Y.I. Ashyap
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170094

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