Nurses Scheduling by Considering the Qualification using Integer Linear Programming

Abstract: One of problems that frequently occurs in hospital management is nurses scheduling problem. A suitable schedule is needed in order to avoid fatigue, both physically and psychologically, which subsequently may deteriorate their performance. Nurse scheduling is commonly designed by the head of nurse manually. In this research, nurse scheduling problem is modeled by considering the qualification of the nurses and the model has the form of integer linear programming. The objective of the model is to maximize the number of nurse’s day-offs. Then optimization problem is implemented to nurses scheduling in the High Care Unit and the Emergency room of Rumah Sehat Terpadu Dompet Dhuafa Parung Bogor.
Keywords: Integer Linear Programming, nurse scheduling, nurse qualification
Author: Maya Widyastiti, Amril Aman, Toni Bakhtiar
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160237

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