Mutual Coupling Reduction in Antenna Using EBG on Double Substrate

Abstract: In this paper, a mutual coupling study is conducted between two-element array antenna on dual substrate. A single patch antenna is firstly designed on dual substrate layer to testify appropriate performance at 2.45 GHz. Subsequently, an array of two element patches on dual substrate areconstructed with one of them is incorporated with three EBG unit cell on the bottom substrate. Theradiating patch is on the top substrate, while the EBG unit cell is on the bottom substrate. With EBGs inseparate layers from the antenna array, the antenna elements are closely separated by a distance of 22mm with a significant reduced mutual coupling of -26.61 dB. This corresponds to a distance reduction of 34.68%. The proposed structure implemented only three EBG unit cells. Apart from that, the study of overlapped case of EBG with the antenna is also presented.
Keywords: antenna array, dual substrate, mutual coupling, overlapped distance
Author: Raimi Dewan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170083

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