Multi-source and Multi-feature Image Information Fusion Based on Compressive Sensing

Abstract: Image fusion is a comprehensive information processing technique and its purpose is to enhance the reliability of the image via the processing of the redundant data among multiple images, improve the image definition and information content through fusion of the complementary information of multiple images so as to obtain the information of the objective or the scene in a more accurate, reliable and comprehensive manner. This paper uses the sparse representation method of compressive sensing theory, proposes a multi-source and multi-feature image information fusion method based on compressive sensing in accordance with the features of image fusion, performs sparsification processing on the source image with K-SVD algorithm and OMP algorithm to transfer from spatial domain to frequency domain and decomposes into low-frequency part and high-frequency park. Then it fuses with different fusion rules and the experimental results prove that the method of this paper is better than the traditional methods and it can obtain better fusion effects.
Keywords: Image Information Fusion, Compressive Sensing, Sparse Decomposition
Author: Qingzhao Li, Fei Jiang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160222

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