Mitigating Broadcast Storm on Metro Ethernet Network Using PVST+

Abstract: Broadcast storm attack continuously transmits duplicate packets in order to disrupt the service of the network. In this research, a Spanning Tree Protocol method, namely PVST+ (Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus), is used to overcome the problem that is caused by the broadcast storm attack on the Metro Ethernet Network. The PVST+ serves as a redundant network management and it prevents looping on the network. The results obtained from this research are the following, PVST+ is able to mitigate broadcast storm that is shown by the decrease of number of packets and the decrease of the average packet per-second. The average packets per-second on VLAN 1 decrease to 274,041 and the average packets on VLAN 10 decrease to 267,794 packets per-second.
Keywords: Broadcast Storm, Metro Ethernet, PVST+, Security Network, Spanning Tree Protocol
Author: Beny Nugraha, Bayu Fitrianto, Fahraini Bacharuddin
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160150

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