Metamorphic Malware Detection Based on Support Vector Machine Classification of Malware Sub-Signatures

Abstract: Achieving accurate and efficient metamorphic malware detection remains a challenge. Metamorphic malware is able to mutate and alter its code structure in each infection that can circumvent signature matching detection. However, some vital functionalities and code segments remain unchanged between mutations.We exploit these unchanged features by the mean of classification using Support Vector Machine (SVM). N-gram features are extracted directly from malware binaries to avoid disassembly, which these features are then masked with the extracted known malware signature n-grams. These masked features reduce the number of selected n-gram features considerably. Our method is capable to accurately detect metamorphic malware with ~99% accuracy and low false positive rate. The proposed method is also superior to commercially available anti-viruses for detecting metamorphic malware.
Keyword: SVM classification, Metamorphic, n-gram, Snort
Author: Ban Mohammed Khammas , Alireza Monemi , Ismahani Ismail , Sulaiman Mohd Nor , and M.N. Marsono
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160153

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