Mathematical Modeling and Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control of Erection Mechanism

Abstract: This paper describes an application of fuzzy adaptive PID controller to erection mechanism. Mathematical model of erection mechanism is derived. Erection mechanism is driven by electro-hydraulic actuator system which is difficult to control due to its nonlinearity and complexity. Therefore fuzzy adaptive PID controller is applied to control the system. Simulation was performed in Simulink software and experiment was accomplished on laboratory equipment. Simulation and experiment results of erection angle controlled by fuzzy logic, PID and fuzzy adaptive PID controllers were respectively obtained. The results show that fuzzy adaptive PID controller can effectively achieve the best performance for erection mechanism in comparison with fuzzy logic and PID controllers.
Keywords: erection mechanism, electro-hydraulic system, fuzzy logic control, PID control
Author: Feng Jiangtao, Gao Qinhe, Guan Wenliang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170103

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