Managers Perceptions towards the Success of E-performance Reporting System

Abstract: Managers are the key informants in the information system (IS) success measurements. In fact, besides the determinant agents are rarely involved in the assessments, most of the measurements are also often performed by the technical stakeholders of the systems. Therefore, the results may questionable. This study was carried to explain the factors that influence the success of an e-performance reporting system in an Indonesian university by involving ± 70% of the managers (n=66) in the sampled institution. The DeLone and McLean model was adopted and adapted here following the suggestions of the previous meta-analysis studies. The collected data was analyzed using the partial least squares-structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) for examining the four hypotheses. Despite the findings revealed acceptances of the overall hypotheses, the weak explanation of the user satisfaction variable towards the net benefit one had been the highlighted point. Besides the study limitations, the point may also be the practical and theoretical considerations for the next studies, especially for the IS success studies in Indonesia
Keywords: IS success, manager perspectives, e-performance reporting system, PLS-SEM
Author: A’ang Subiyakto
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170174

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