Layout Optimization of Microsatellite Components Using Genetic Algorithm

Abstract: Placing the components into a container that is normally known as layout optimization problem belongs to NP-hard problems in terms of computational complexity. This study took the layout of microsatellite components as a case study to propose a basic solution strategy for the optimal layout design of a microsatellite. In this case, the layout should meet the requirements of the mission payload, the launcher and the spacecraft attitude control. It utilized the novel scheme to find the various possibilities of optimal layout using genetic algorithm combined with order-based positioning technique. Each component had a given index and then placed in a container based on specific order in accordance with a bottom-left algorithm that was already established. Meanwhile, the placement order was explored by the genetic algorithm to obtain a sequence that brought the best solution. The approach had been validated and proven to produce the optimal layout.
Keywords: layout optimization, genetic algorithm, microsatellite
Author: Mohammad Mukhayadi
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170115

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