Abstract: A large number of vehicle and increasing number of transportion means on the road make DLLAJ is more busy to manage the traffic, it needs more energy in managing this system especially on the main road. Traffic lihgt is one alternatif solution that has been used in the long time. The long way and a lot of the cross roads need a lot of traffic lihgts. A lot of traffic lihgts at every cross road sometimes need a large energy to maintain and control. In fact, traffic lihgt control is installed only separately at the one cross road (one traffic lihgt control is used only for one cross road) and the other cross road must be installed the other traffic lihgt control. It decreases the control efficiency and between the cross roads have not been integrated, so when the VIP road user pass, the policeman must be ready at the cross road to manage the traffic. Therefore it needs an integrated and adaptif system to control the traffic lihgt at a city area, it makes both DLLAJ and policemenor road users are more efficient to use the road and they do not wait for along time in the traffic lihgt, although the green lamp is on. In this paper, author presented one integratedand adaptif prototype system to control the traffic lihgt at a city area. The advantage of this system makes easier especially when the VIP road user pass at the traffic lihgt so the greenlamp of traffic lihgt will be automatically on, without manual control by policeman and theother road user not waitng for long time.
Key words: traffic lihgt, control, integrated
Penulis: Moh. Khairudin
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd050048

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