Interfade Duration Statistics at Ku-band for Satellite Earth Links System in Equatorial Malaysia: Modeling Distribution

Abstract: Fade dynamics is one of more important parameters when implementing Fade Mitigation Techniques (FMTs) to counteract an excessive attenuation that affect satellite communication systems operating above 10 GHz. The statistics of probable duration between two rain fade namely interfadeduration enables system operator to estimate how long the system will need to recover before the nextoutage and assist in designing the FMTs. In this paper, interfade duration statistics have been derived fromone year of slant path attenuation measurements data collected in Equatorial Johor Bahru at 12.2 GHzwith elevation angle of 75.61o. The result had shown the dependency of number of events with attenuation thresholds. Empirical interfade duration statistics are also obtained and suitable model distribution aren proposed.
Keywords: Interfade duration, rain attenuation, Ku-band, satellite communication, equatorial
Author: Mawarni Mohamed Yunus
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170057

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