Intelligent Planning of Tourism Scenic Routes Based on Genetic Algorithm in Coal WANBEI Mining Subsidence

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of tourism scenic route planning, this paper studies and analyzes the combined influence of terrain slope and surface properties on vehicle route planning. The “window moving method” is introduced to carry out early slope calculation and traffic ability analysis for the terrain, roughness evaluation index is established respectively for wheeled and tracked vehicles and the “preponderant area method” is used to rasterize the surface properties. By setting up the tabu list, theconstraint influence of slope and roughness is superposed to reduce the search scope and improve the search efficiency. The evaluation function is constructed to improve the genetic algorithm and combinedwith Expand list, Open list, Closed list and Path list, route optimization algorithm is designed forconsidering the constraints of slope and roughness. The simulation results show that the algorithm can quickly and effectively realize the tourism scenic route planning of the real terrain environment.
Keywords: Genetic algorithm; Tourism scenic route planning; Slope; Surface properties; Roughness
Penulis: Li Xiaofang, Song Hui
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160112

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