Integrated Open Loop Resonator Filter Designed with Notch Patch Antenna for Microwave Applications

Abstract: This paper presented the design of integrated open loop resonator bandpass filter with notch type antenna for the use in microwave applications. Chebyshev type filter is selected as the filtercharacteristics and cascaded design with the antenna to produce a single module, Integrated FilterAntenna (IFA). Special feature of the antenna is the implementation of notch on the patch antenna toimprove the efficiency. IFA is then simulated in electromagnetic simulation tool, Agilent Advance DesignSystem (ADS) version 2016 and measured using R&S Vector Network Analyzer. It shows that theproposed IFA produced good measured return loss >-30dB with both vertical and horizontal gain of9.11dBi and 8.01dBi respectively.
Keywords: integrated antenna, notch patch, return loss, gain
Author: D. Azra Awang Mat, N. Syuhada Hasim, Nurmiza Othman, Amira Amran,
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170034

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