Image Restoration Algorithm Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Micro Decomposition of Unknown Priori Pixel

Abstract: In this paper, we put forward a new method to holographic reconstruct image that prior information, module matching and edge structure information is unknown. The proposed image holographic restoration algorithm combines artificial fish swarm micro decomposition and brightness compensation. The traditional method uses subspace feature information of multidimensional search method, it is failed to achieve the fine structure information of image texture template matching and the effect is not well. Therefore, it is difficult to holographic reconstruct the unknown pixels. This weakness obstructs the application of image restoration to many fields. Therefore, we builds a structure texture conduction model for the priority determination of the block that to be repaired, then we use subspace feature information multidimensional search method to the confidence updates of unknown pixel. In order to maintain the continuity of damaged region in image, the artificial fish swarm algorithm decomposition model is combined with the image brightness compensation strategy of edge feature. The simulation result shows that it has a good visual effect in image restoration of a priori unknown pixel, recovery time and computation costs are less, the stability and convergence performance is improved.
Keywords: artificial fish swarm, image restoration, subspace, brightness compensation
Author: Dan Sui, Fang He
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160213

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