Image Recognition and Tracking Algorithm Based on PID Fuzzy Control

Abstract: Video surveillance systems with image recognition and image tracking capabilities have  a wide range of applications in the field of city protection, social security and public safety. Inthis paper, based on the analysis of image detection and tracking principles proposed imagerecognition based PID fuzzy control and tracking algorithm. First, the image on the basis of thegray-scale image acquired by the video processor, the binary processing, and then through theexpansion operation of mathematical morphology the candidate region of the image recognition, and then the final image region obtained through the vertical positioning and horizontal positioning of the region Finally, through the PID control algorithm it is the image of the track. Simulation results show that the PID fuzzy control-based image recognition and trackingalgorithm in the image of the vehicle license plate image recognition and tracking performanceand good practicability.
Keywords: The PID; Image Recognition; images tracking
Author: Zhan Qu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160092

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