Hole-Wedge Effect of Friction Pair and Its Control Mechanism

Abstract: A special phonomenon of self-lubrication compensation named hole-wedge effect was found in a bionic porous friction pair, meanwhile the origin and regularity of this effect and its tribological behaviors were discussed in this paper. The process of self-circulating compensation of lubrication was modeled, and taking ferrofluid as lubricant a series of experiments were designed and done. Researches show that: the hole effect will produce self-compensation migration of lubricant in the holes to interface, and accordingly the wedge effect will exert a directional laminar flow, thus by well design the synthesis of these two effects can be used to obtain self-circulating compensation of lubrication in porous friction pair, which can significantly improve the stability and tribological performance of friction pairs.
Keywords: Bionic friction pair; hole-wedge effect; self-circulation; lubrication compensation
Author: Zhihong Han, Shuyang Liu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160067

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