Hierarchical i* Modeling in Requirement Engineering

Abstract: Requirement engineering is first phase of information system development process. This phase aims to fully observe and define the needs of system and users. In this phase, the defined needs will beformulated into a form that can simplify the analysis process. Requirement engineering approach withintentional perspective is one of argument which is coming to surface in requirement engineering topics. In intentional modeling, the focus will be pointed on the motive of actors, how they fulfill every need, and what are dependencies along their success stories. Some existing intentional modellings still stand under limitations. For example, this modelling approach has complexity problem when it is used to real big cases. Moreover, the limitation is pointed on how to describe hierarchical conditions into the intentional model. This research is focused on the improvement of existing intentional modelling to handle the limitations in describing the hierarchical conditions.
Keywords: Requirement Engineering, Goal based workflow, i* hierarchy, intentional modeling
Author: Kridanto Surendro, Cicely Martini
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160304

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