Hierarchical Gaussian Scale-Space on Androgenic Hair Pattern Recognition

Abstract: Androgenic hair pattern stated to be the new biometric trait since 2014. The research to improve the performance of androgenic hair pattern recognition system has begun to be developed due to the problems that occurred when other apparent biometric trait such as face is hidden from sight. The recognition system was built with hierarchical Gaussian scale-space using 4 octaves and 3 levels in each octave. The system also implemented the equalization process to adjust image’s intensity by using histogram equalization. We analyzed 400 images of androgenic hair in the database that were analyzed using 2-fold and 10-fold cross validation and Euclidean distance to classify it. The experimental results showed that our proposed method gave better performance compared to previous work that used Haar wavelet transformation and principal component analysis as the main method. The best recognition precision was 94.23 % obtained from the base octave with the third level using histogram equalization and 10-fold cross validation.
Keywords: androgenic hair pattern, biometric identification, hierarchical Gaussian scale-space, histogram equalization, pattern recognition
Author: Regina Lionnie, Mudrik Alaydrus
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170178

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