Heterogeneous Information Knowledge Construction Based on Ontology

Abstract: Describing and representing multi-source and heterogeneous knowledge is a popular research topic in recent years. After investigating knowledge forming process based on multi-source heterogeneous information resources, we present a new approach in which different information resources are put into a mutual RDF(S) data model, and semantic reasoning of RDF(S) is conducted. Moreover, a knowledge base construction framework for multi-source heterogeneous information source with combination of Ontology knowledge model is put forward, and an algorithm of knowledge base construction is also proposed, in which the core issues are knowledge inclusion and updating. Then the time complexity of our algorithm is analyzed. Finally, in order to solve the heterogeneous, and uneven horizontal of geographical distribution of ethnic minority information resources in Yunnan Province, we use the proposed method to construct a domain knowledge base for ethnic minority information resources, and use this model to evaluate the efficiency for the knowledge inclusion algorithm in responding time and indexing responding time for different data resources in our experiments.
Keywords: RDF(S), Ontology, knowledge base construction
Author: Jianhou Gan, Gang Xie, Yongzheng Yan, Wanquan Liu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160018

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