Grading System Design of Dendrobium Officinale Based on Machine Vision

Abstract: Dendrobium Officinale is the rare Chinese herbal medicine. This paper will introduce its low cost grade determining system research mainly from the following two aspects: First of all, choose low cost CCD to do image capture, apply machine vision algorithm to extract the stem edge image, and automatically determine the stem diameter size and determine the uniformity coefficient of its size; Second, carry out the corresponding calculation on the collected images do as to determine the light and darkness of the surface iron green, and use the pattern recognition technique to analyze the joint black spots so as to determine the amount of the black spot and its uniformity coefficient. After the experiment of the Dendrobium Officinale grading system, the equipment was successfully developed.
Keywords: Machine Vision, Grading System, Dendrobium Officinale
Author: Yongping Li, Moli Xu, Si Tian
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160065

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