Forkloader Position Control for A Mini Heavy Loaded Vehicle using Fuzzy Logic-Antiwindup Control

Abstract: This paper presents a proposed integrated Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) type Fuzzy Logic control (TSK-FLC) with Antiwindup elements for a forkloader position control of a Mini Heavy Loaded ForkliftAutonomous Guided Vehicle (MHeLFAGV). The study was carried out by modeling TSK-FLC as a closeloop control for the each axis of the fork-lift’s movement. The degree of membership is designed with reference to the system response, in which ultrasonic sensor with 1cm resolution is used. Moreover, the rule base is determined and optimized to deal with microcontroller processing speed. In order to cater for the windup phenomenon, proportional and integrated antiwindup elements are integrated into the TSKFLC model. This control strategy consumes less memory and is expected to increase the time response of the control system. The experiment and analysis is done on the actual forkloader unit of MHeLFAGV system. The experiment was done on the vertical axis motion since horizontal motion will have the same characteristic pattern of implementation and characteristic of tuning. The experiment shows that the proposed integrated TSK-FLC with antiwindup elements is able to speed up the time response of the system and eliminate the overshoot as well as oscillation on the forkloader movement.
Keywords: precision control, fuzzy logic, antiwindup
Author: Wan Mohd Nafis Wan Lezaini
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170092

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