Flexible Wearable Antenna on Electromagnetic Band Gap using PDMS substrate

Abstract: A robust and low-profile electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) based on flexible wearable antenna covering 2.4 GHz frequency band is presented. The incorporated EBG with antenna reduces the radiation into the human body around 17 dB and decreases the impacts of frequency detuning. The overall dimension of the antenna integrated with EBG is 56 x 56 x 4 mm3 with relative impedance bandwidth of 8.3% is achieved. The proposed design has improved the gain up to 7 dBi. Specific absorption rate (SAR) assessment is also studied to certify the performance of the antenna when it is located proximity to human tissue. The flexible antenna with aforementioned performances could be chosen as a good candidate for integration into a range of wearable devices for medical application.
Keywords: EBG, wearable antennas, PDMS, SAR
Author: Adel Y. I. Ashap
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170039

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