Fault Diagnosis in Medium Voltage Drive Based on Combination of Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine

Abstract: Nowadays, Medium Voltage Drive (MVD) has been widely applied in the field of high-powered motor speed-regulation. These types of converter use a lot of insulated gate bipolar translators (IGBTs). So it is very important to find an effective way to diagnose IGBT open-circuit faults. This study describes a method of diagnosis for IGBT open-circuit faults in MVD whose topology is cell series of multi-level. This method combines wavelet transform (WT) and support vector machine (SVM). The wavelet transform is used to extract fault features and SVM is used to classify the fault states of a single power unit. Then, the trained SVM classifier is used to scan all power units of MVD sequentially. Results of simulation on the platform of MATLAB/Simulink show that this method has a good diagnosis capability. It can diagnose the IGBT open-circuit faults of the whole inverter system, and diagnosis accuracy is up to 96%. So, this method has a good application prospect.
Keywords: Insulated gate bipolar transistors, multilevel systems, Support vector machines, Wavelet transforms
Author: Xudong Cao, Shaozhe Zhou, Jingze Li, Shaohua Zhang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160137

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