Entity Annotation WordPress Plugin using TAGME Technology

Abstract: The development of internet technology makes more information can be accessed. It makes information need to be organized in order to be easily managed. One solution can be used is by using the entity annotation approach which generates tags to represent that document. In this study, TAGME technology is implemented on a WordPress plugin, which is used to manage a blog. Moreover, information on Wikipedia ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ is processed to generate an anchor dictionary which is required by the technology that is implemented. This plugin performs entity annotation by giving tag suggestion for posts in a blog. Testing is carried out by measuring the precision, recall, and of tag suggestions given by the plugin. The result shows that the plugin can give tag suggestions with precision 0.7638, recall 0.5508, and 0.59.
Keywords:  entity annotation, TAGME, wikipedia, wordpress
Author: William Aprilius, Seng Hansun, Dennis Gunawan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170155

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