Engineering Cost Evaluation Model Based on Multi Dimension Entropy and Intelligent Algorithm

Abstrak: A complex structure has many uncertain factors and how to make a more accurate analysis on the structure reliability by a method is the key in engineering calculation. Rough set theory is utilized toanalyze the fuzzy, random and uncertain factors and upper and lower approximation set relation is used to calculate the value taking interval of reliability index to make reliability index analysis. The characteristic of this analysis method is that it is not necessary to distinguish whether the uncertain parameters belong to fuzzy scope or random scope and meanwhile, it is necessary to determine membership function of related fuzzy variables or distribution function of random variables and reasonable value of variable is obtained via objective rough analysis; the difference from non-probability interval reliability analysis method is that it is not necessary to make interval standardization calculation for uncertain parameters and reliability analysis is made in direct utilization of objective rough analysis results.
Keywords: Structure reliability index; Evaluation; Engineering cost; Rough set theory; Rough variables; Intelligent algorithm
Author: Yanan Li, Anders Nilsson
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160104

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