Energy Management of Context-aware Cold Chain Vehicle Nodes

Abstract: In view of the question that the energy-constrained sensor nodes affect the normal operation of the whole system due to the short survival period, in this paper we present a new solution of adaptive energy management from the angle of context-aware computing. In different scenario modes, we take different environment acquisition and communication strategy according to scenario parameters, and thus build the context-aware energy management model. Finally, we extend the whole system life by lowering energy consumption of single internet of things vehicle node. Experimental data show that the energymanagement plan of context-aware wireless sensor nodes effectively reduces the energy consumption of nodes and extends the system life under the premise of providing reliable services.
Keywords: context-aware, internet of things, cold chain logistics, energy management
Author: Ronling Hu, XiangLi, YangLou, Wei Yan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160218

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