Electric Vehicle Regenerative Braking Control Strategy Based on Braking Time Identification

Abstract: The angular velocity and displacement variation of the brake pedal with time during braking is studied. Using brake angular velocity as the judgment basis of the moving window algorithm, established the function model between the brake pedal angular velocity and displacement. Regenerative braking time was identified accurately, using brake angular velocity integral quantity. On this basis, analyzed the battery can accept the maximum charge current, with feedback cur-rent as the control object, considering the reasonable distribution of regenerative braking and hydraulic braking force, the regenerative braking control strategy based on braking time was proposed. The tests verify the feasibility and effective-ness of the braking time identification algorithms and the strategy for braking force distribution.
Keywords: Electric vehicle, Braking energy, Braking time, Control strategy
Author: Shigang Song, Xiaoping Li, Yong Lin
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160055

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