Ekstraksi Data pada Tabel dari Halaman Web Menggunakan Pohon Document Object Model

Abstract: Data on the web page can be available in various formats, such as table. With the growing of web pages, the need to extract data from tables is increasing. Results of the extraction can be used for integration with other web tables or stored in a database. This study discusses the extraction of data from a table on a web page using a Document Object Model (DOM) tree. The initial step of this extraction process is to transform the HTML document into a DOM tree. Then, by applying search methods Depth First Search (DFS), part of the data in the table is extracted and stored in a CSV file. An engine has been developed using Visual Basic. The results show that the engine can automatically extract data from the table that has the following characteristics: the number of rows and columns are not limited, able to handle all of the table orientation layout, and able to handle tables that are merged cells.
Kata Kunci: Ekstraksi tabel, DOM, Website, HTML, DFS
Penulis: Memen Akbar, Cici Patmala, Dini Nurmalasari
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd160426

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