Detection System of Bottle Cap Smoothness Based on Image Processing

Abstract: In the process of production of shampoo, the smoothness of the bottle cap is an important part of the quality inspection. At present, the Cap smoothness detect is mainly completed by the human eye, the method has large error and accidental, is not precise enough. In this paper, a method based on image processing to detect the smoothness of bottle cap is proposed. The hardware device is designed and set up to realize the matching of image acquisition and light source. The sliding platform based on parallel slide rail is designed, which can be used to enter and remove samples, and to realize the accurate positioning of the sample. MATLAB and C language programming are used to achieve the image segmentation, enhancement, filtering and other processing of the bottle cap. This system overcomes the problem of eye detection, effectively eliminates the influence of outside interference, and achieves a high accuracy.
Keywords: Image processing, Bottle cap, Smoothness
Author: Yao Yu, Xuesong Suo
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160049

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