Design of Self Balancing Anti Disturbance System for Multi Rotor UAV

Abstract: Active anti disturbance controller is applied to UAV flight control system. First, tracking differentiator is used for arranging transient process to achieve the purpose of quickly and accuratelytracking the given signal. Then the uncertain disturbance of the system is estimated in a real-time way by expanding state observer and control input is introduced in the form of feedback quantity to play the realtime role in compensating system disturbance, so as to realize attitude stabilization control. Asymptotic stability of control system is proved on the basis of the stability theory of Lyapunov and the design of ܪஶ robust controller is completed by combining with linear matrix inequality. Through simulated test, compare state response curve under different time delay conditions and the result proves that the designed ܪஶ robust controller can resolve the problems such as uncertain modeling error, disturbance and time delayexisting in the system, with certain robustness. Result of numerical simulation shows that this method is characterized by strong anti-disturbance capacity, good control quality, high accuracy and simple algorithm.
Keywords: UAV; Robust controller; Stability control; Disturbance
Author: Zhang Xin, Li Xun, Pei Huikun, Huang Ronghui
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160100

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