Design of Circular Patch with Double C-Shaped Slot Microstrip Antenna for LTE 1800 MHz

Abstract: The design of a circular patch microstrip antenna with double C-shaped for LTE 1800 MHz is presented. The antenna is designed using FR-4 with dielectric constant of ε = 4.3, with thickness ofsubstrate that is 1.6 mm and the thickness of patch and ground are 0.025 mm, Respectively the simulation results presented that the antenna works at frequency of 1714-1889.6 MHz, and work very well at frequency of 1800 MHz with a Return loss -20.484 dB, bandwidth 175.6 MHz. Technique used for broaden the bandwidth by using double C-shaped slot. In this paper presents S-Parameters, and Gain of microstrip antenna circular patch with double C-shaped slot.
Keywords: Microstrip Antenna, LTE, C-Shaped Slot
Author: Yusnita Rahayu, Jherino Permana Putra
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170183

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