Design and Implementation for Ontology Modeling of Design Knowledge Based on UML Class Diagram

Abstract: With the research and development of knowledge management in product design, OWL models and other semantic languages have some problems such as the fuzziness hierarchy, lake of the representation of visualization model, so the modeling of semantic web maybe become the mainbottleneck. Now it has become important research direction that applying UML which is the conceptmodeling language into the modeling of semantic web. This paper proposes the knowledge management model in product design through the UML class diagram. By using the UML modeling method and objectoriented technology the knowledge-oriented task structure model of product design was established though the task structure of product design. And the knowledge-oriented component structure model of product design was established though the component structure of product design and object-orienteddesign knowledge of design feature. At last, through the simulation of design knowledge ontology that wasestablished and tested for the bicycle product, it shows that using this method can build ontology modeling directly and clearly which also can reduce the complexity of establishment and maintenance of large-scale ontology model, and lay a good foundation for the future research about developing more mature semantic soft.
Keywords: design knowledge, ontology modeling, UML, class diagram
Author: Heng Xu, Oren Musicant
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160059

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