Design and Application of Coupling Power Supply Device on Overhead Ground Wire

Abstract: For limited on-line monitoring application of electric transmission line which is caused by communication in addition to tower power supply stability, and closed space plane composed of two lightning protection ground wire and iron tower in alternating magnetic field cutting of overhead transmission line which will generate a certain inductive power in the plane, ground coupled power is online monitoring system power that converts ground wire network loss to sustainable power supply. In this paper, based on the comparison of advantages and disadvantages of several coupling power supply design, efficient power electronics energy solutions to deal with wide induction voltage and typical engineering applications for different load conditions, voltage grade and tower type are emphatically introduced.
Keywords: Overhead Ground Wire, Coupling Power Supply, On-Line Monitoring, Lightning Protection
Author: Qianbo Xiao, Haibing Zhang, Wei Song, Bangfei Deng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160034

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