Demosaicing of Color Images by Accurate Estimation of Luminance

Abstract: Digital cameras acquire color images using a single sensor with Color filter Arrays. A single color component per pixel is acquired using color filter arrays and the remaining two components are obtained using demosaicing techniques. The conventional demosaicing techniques existent induce artifacts in resultant images effecting reconstruction quality. To overcome this drawback a frequency based demosaicing technique is proposed. The luminance and chrominance components extracted from the frequency domain of the image are interpolated to produce intermediate demosaiced images. A novel Neural Network Based Image Reconstruction Algorithm is applied to the intermediate demosaiced image to obtain resultant demosaiced images. The results presented in the paper prove the proposed demosaicing technique exhibits the best performance and is applicable to a wide variety of images.
Keywords: Demosaicing, frequency, color filter array, luminance, chrominance
Author: V.N.V. Satya Prakash
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160198

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