Compact Power Divider Integrated with Coupler and Microstrip Cavity Filter for X-band Surveillance Radar System

Abstract: This paper present the compact power divider integrated with coupler and microstrip cavity filter for x-band surveillance radar system. These modules consist of several devices (splitter, filter and coupler) it is integrated in a single module aims to reduce the loss in the joint connectors. The bandpass filter is use microstrip cavity filter for operating on X-Band Frequency and deployed on RT/duroid 5880. The power divider and coupler is designed using quarter wavelength transformer. A theoretical analytical circuit model will be presented, from the theoretical model; a compact integrated module will be designed and simulated. The proposed compact integrated module is small in dimension and performs a compact size. The compact integrated devices design on X-Band frequency is simulated and the result is presented.
Keywords: Integrated, filter, power divider, X-Band, radara
Author: Yudi Yulius Maulana, Yussi Perdana Saputera, Arief Budi Santiko, Arie Setiawan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170168

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