Circuit Simulation for Bridge Ignition Feature of Semiconductor

Abstract: The emergence of ignition device of semiconductor bridge provides a way to resolve the conflict between low energy and high promptness, reliability and safety of initiating explosive device. But with the rapid development of arms and ammunition, the higher demand of miniaturization for structure and volume in design of initiating explosive device is put forward based on high safety, reliability and promptness and low ignition energy. The heat dissipation effect of all structural parts is assessed, the measures to optimize the structure are put forward, the numerical simulation is adopted for simulation and the accuracy of optimization design plan is finally physically verified in the Thesis based on thermal analysis of ignitiondevice of semiconductor bridge in maximum no-fire test. The finite-element numerical simulation analysis provides theoretical basis and comparison and assessment of various plans in optimization design for ignition device of semiconductor bridge, and greatly shortens the time and reduces the design errors in optimization design for ignition device of semiconductor bridge; meanwhile, it assists in product development and design as the platform for design, analysis and verification.
Keywords: Semiconductor bridge; Ignition device; Ignition energy; Reliability; Miniaturization
Author: Mingfang Liu, Lin Yu, Xia Han
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160114

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