Automatic Summarization in Chinese Product Reviews

Abstract: With the increasing number of online comments, it was hard for buyers to find useful information in a short time so it made sense to do research on automatic summarization which fundamental work was focused on product reviews mining. Previous studies mainly focused on explicit features extraction whereas often ignored implicit features which hadn't been stated clearly but containing necessary information for analyzing comments. So how to quickly and accurately mine features from web reviews had important significance for summarization technology. In this paper, explicit features and “feature-opinion” pairs in the explicit sentences were extracted by Conditional Random Field and implicit product features were recognized by a bipartite graph model based on random walk algorithm. Then incorporating features and corresponding opinions into a structured text and the abstract were generated based on the extraction results. The experiment results demonstrated the proposed methods out preferred baselines.
Keywords: bipartite graph, implicit features, conditional random field, random walk algorithm, automatic summarization
Author: Lizhen Liu, Wandi Du, Hanshi Wang, Wei Song
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170172

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