Application of Nonlinear Dynamical Methods for Arc Welding Quality Monitoring

Abstract: Owing to its diverse, the stability of arc signals in high-powered submerged arc welding is not very salient, and weld defects are difficult to detect automatically. Aimed at this problem, this paperproposes a noise robustness algorithm for calibrating the singularity points and denoting the kinetics and stability of arc. Firstly, reconstruct a vector, which is the calculation of the approximate entropy in phase space, denotes the distortion of arc. Then, a algorithm for calculation is given based on reconstruction of chaotic time series in phase space. Finally, we apply the calculation of approximate entropy algorithm in phase space to flaw detection for arc signals, which is efficient proved by experimental results.
Keywords: weld defects, singularity points, phase space, approximate entropy
Author: Shuguang Wu, Yiqing Zhou
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160298

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