An Improved Fault Propagation Analysis Method Based on Small-world Algorithm for Large Scale Electronic Systems

Abstract: Single source multipath fault propagation analysis has contributed much on system fault modeling, fault location, and fault diagnosis. Studies have shown that the electronic system has small world network features. In this study, a new model of small world was established to observe the rapidlyfault propagation of the electronic systems. In order to meet the higher requirements of testability and reliability for complex electronic systems, an improved fault propagation analysis method based on smallworld algorithm was proposed. First, inspired by the idea of small-world networks, a small world algorithm was proposed to greatly improve the speed of getting the fault path compared with other evolutionary algorithm. In addition, calculating entropy was firstly introduced to distinguish the importance of differentnodes in systems. Finally, the proposed method was applied to a radar transmitter system for faultpropagation analysis. The result shows that the performance is improved a lot by introducing the small world characteristic and simplified entropy. Simulation results demonstrate the computation method. Also, fault propagation could be applied to large-scale systems, which is meaningful for test points selection and fault diagnosis.
Keywords: Small world algorithm, fault propagation, test points selection
Author: Quan Zhou, Hui Zhao, Huijie Zhang, Shulin Tian, Zhen Liu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160121

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