An Audio Guided Resource Robot Based on Band-pass Filter and Touch Sensors

Abstract: A rescue robot guided by visual sensors cannot find its path and target in the environment full of smoke or fog. It makes the danger disposal task of rescue robot difficult, especially the task of pipeline leakage disposal in a chemical factory. In this paper, a rescue robot guided by audio sensors is presented. As audio signals can bypass obstacles and remedy the shortcomings of visual and other sensors, it can guide the robot to the sound source according to the difference of sound field strength between two audiosensors. And band-pass filters are equipped alone the audio sensor input ports for tracing the special frequency sound signals emitted by the pipeline leakage. Besides, touch sensors are designed for the obstacle avoidance. Some typical experiments support the effects of approach in this paper.
Keywords: Audio Guided robot, Band-pass Filter, Touch Sensor, sound signal
Author: Bokai Xuan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160074

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