A Sentiment Knowledge Discovery Model in Twitter’s TV Content Using Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm

Abstract: The use of social media that the explosive can be a rich source for data mining. Meanwhile, the development of television programs become increased and varied so motivate people to make comments on it’s via social media. Social network contains abundant information which is unstructured, heterogeneous, high dimensional and incremental in nature. Abundant data can be a rich source of information but it is difficult to identify manually. The contributions of this research are to perform preprocessing to address unstructured data, a lot of noise and heterogeneous; find patterns of information and knowledge of social media user activities in the form of positive and negative sentiment on twitter TV content. Some methodologies and techniques are used to perform preprocessing. They are eliminates punctuation and symbols, eliminates number, replace numbers into letters, translation of Alay words, eliminate stop word and Stemming Porter Algorithm. Methodology of this study was used Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD).The text that has been through preprocessing produces a more structured text, reducing noise and reducing the diversity of text. So, preprocessing affect to the correctly classified istances and processing time. The experiment results reveal that the use of SGD for discovery of the positive and negative sentiment tends to be faster for large data or stream data. Correctly classified instance with a maximum of 88%.
Keywords: Stochastic Gradient Descent; opinion mining; sentiment analysis;Stemming Porter; stream data mining
Author: Lira Ruhwinaningsih, Taufik Djatna
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160203

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