A Hybrid Chebyshev-ICA Image Fusion Method Based on Regional Saliency

Abstract: An image fusion method that performs robustly for image sets heavily corrupted by noise is presented in this paper. The approach combines the advantages of two state-of-the-art fusion techniques, namely Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Chebyshev Poly-nomial Analysis (CPA) fusion. Fusion using ICA performs well in transferring the salient features of the input images into the composite output, but its performance deteriorates severely under mild to moderate noise conditions. CPA fusion is robust under severe noise conditions, but eliminates the high frequency information of the images involved. We pro-pose to use ICA fusion within high activity image areas, identified by edges and strong textured surfaces and CPA fusion in low activity areas identified by uniform background regions and weak texture. A binary image map is used for selecting the appropriate method, which is constructed by a standard edge detector followed by morphological operators. The results of the proposed approach are very encouraging as far as joint fusion and denoising is concerned. The works presented may prove beneficial for future image fusion tasks in real world applications such as surveillance, where noise is heavily present.
Keywords: Image and data fusion, Chebyshev polynomials, independent component analysis, regionbased fusion
Author: Zaid Omar, Tania Stathaki, Musa M. Mokji, Lila Iznita Izhar
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170061

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