A Coherent Framework for Understanding the Success of an Information System Project

Abstract: This paper elucidates the sequential revisions of an information system (IS) project framework across the research model development and its examinations. The authors adopted, adapted, and combined five concepts of the project management discipline and the information processing theory to revise the framework. Besides the use of this multi-dimensional perspective, the authors were also succeeded to present an interrelation between the framework and the examined model within a coherent representation. It was one of the essential points of this model development study, in particular for presenting the research focus. It may be trivial issue for the experts in the research fields, but the coherent illustration is one of the critical issues in the validity measurement of a model, whereas the inexpert ones may need a guideline to represent the interrelationship. Such points became the main contribution of this study to fill the gap in the literatures, particularly in the lack of comprehensive detail of a research model development.
Keywords: ICT project framework, multi-dimensional perspectives, interrelation concept, model validation
Author: Syopiansyah Jaya Putra, A'ang Subiyakto, Abd. Rahman Ahlan, Mira Kartiwi
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160209

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