The Implementation of Grey Forecasting Model for Forecast Result’s Food Crop Agricultural

Abstract: The increasing of the needs of  food crops raised several issues related to land use. The  problems of land used caused by the lack of information related to productivity and eligibility used of land. The goal of this research is to implementation a model of Grey forecasting GM(1,1) to forecast agricultural production, especially in food crops. GM(1,1) is used to built a model with limited data samples and generate good forecasts for short libertine forecasts. This research uses data from the production of food crops for the 2004-2013 it can be calculated by using the model of GM (1,1). The results showed the model GM (1,1) can produce highly accurate forecasts, from the experimental results for pattern trends generate value ARPE 5.74% or accuracy of forecasts reached 94.26% in crop production.
Keywords: Grey Forecasting, Forecast, Agricultural Products
Author: Asfan Muqtadir, Suryono, Vincensius Gunawan
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg160031

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