The Effect of Best First and Spreadsubsample on Selection of a Feature Wrapper With Naïve Bayes Classifier for The Classification of the Ratio of Inpatients

Abstract: Diabetes can lead to mortality and disability, so patients should be inpatient again to undergo treatment again to be saved. On previous research about feature selection with greedy stepwise forward fail to predict classification ratio inpatient of patient with the result of recall and precision 0 on data training 60%, 75%, 80%, and 90% and there is suggestion to handle unbalanced class data problem by comparison of data readmitted 6293 and the otherwise 64141. The research purposed to know the effect of choosing the best model using best first instead of greedy stepwise forward and data sampling with spreadsubsample to resolve unbalanced class data problem. The data used was patient data from 130 American Hospital in 1999 until 2008 with 70434 data. The method that used was best first search and spreadsubsample. The result of this research are precision found 0.4 and 0.333 on training dataset 75% and 90% with best first method, while spreadsubsample method found that value of precision and recall is more significantly increased. Spreadsubsample has more effect with the result of precision and recall rather than using best first method.
Keywords: best first, unbalanced dataset, spreadsubsample, classification, feature selection
Author: M Rizky Wijaya, Ristu Saptono, Afrizal Doewes
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg160029

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