Sensor Node Easy Moving Monitoring Region Location Algorithm in Internet of Things

Abstract: Because of the influence from geographical location, weather and other kinds of circumstances in monitored areas, the shift of the node location and non-uniform distribution, this paper proposed animproved DV-Hop location algorithm. First of all, the package structure by changing the anchor nodes toreduce the number of hops data acquisition phase node data storage; introducing weights to the average hop distance calculation phase the original average hop distance calculation method was improved, andbetween the node and anchor node distance calculated on the basis of reference anchor nodes aredifferent; then, iterative refinement of node localization stage through the use of multilateral measurement method and Taylor series. Finally, simulation experiment of this method, and compared with the existing methods, the results prove that the method in this paper can greatly reduce positioning errors withoutadding hardware equipment and network traffic, improve the positioning accuracy, a better solution to the problem of node localization networking monitoring area.
Keywords: Internet of Things, Sensor Node, Monitoring Region, Localization
Author: Donghua Feng, Yahong Li
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150087

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