Research and Design in Unified Coding Architecture for Smart Grids

Abstract: Standardized and sharing information platform is the foundation of the Smart Grids. In order to improve the dispatching center information integration of the power grids and achieve efficient data exchange, sharing and interoperability, a unified coding architecture is proposed. The architecture includes coding management layer, coding generation layer, information models layer and application system layer. Hierarchical design makes the whole coding architecture to adapt to different application environments, different interfaces, loosely coupled requirements, which can realize the integration model management function of the power grids. The life cycle and evaluation method of survival of unified coding architecture is proposed. It can ensure the stability and availability of the coding architecture. Finally, the development direction of coding technology of the Smart Grids in future is prospected.
Keywords: smart grids, unified coding architecture, integrated information platform, model management, survivability evaluation
Author: Gang Han, Jianwen Zhang, Xin Chu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130070

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