ABSTRACT: Direct marketing is a typical strategy to increase business. The company uses direct marketing when targeting customer segments with their contact to fulfill a specific purpose. Direct marketing is one way that can be used to predict potential customers who open deposits at the bank. Direct marketing became a very important application in data mining today. Data mining is widely used in direct marketing to identify potential customers for new products, using the purchase history data, predictive models can be used to measure that customers will respond to a given promotion or offer. One method that is most widely used method of support vector machine. In this study will be used method of support vector machine for prediction of direct marketing. After testing the results obtained is a support vector machine produces an accuracy value of 88.71%, 89.47% and a precision value AUC value of 0.896 with a value of classification accuracy was very good (excellent clasification). Based on these results it can be concluded that the use of support vector machine method can be used for precise and accurate prediction of direct marketing.
Keywords: Prediction, Direct Marketing, Support Vector Machine
Penulis: Yuni Eka Achyani
Kode Jurnal: jptkomputerdd170147

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